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<h2>Discover the Luxurious Side of the Great Outdoors: Top 10 Glamping Spots in the US</h2>Do you relish the idea of being surrounded by nature, but not so keen on the roughing it part of camping? Welcome to the fabulous world of glamping! Lets take a look at the most scenic and luxurious spots to glamp across America. Our journey excludes cabins and emphasizes true high-end camping, providing an experience that is both indulgent and authentically rustic.<h2>Autocamp Russian River, California: Retro-modern Delight</h2>Scattered across the beautiful state of California, and notably at the stunning Russian River, youll discover Autocamp outposts. In a delightful collaboration with Airstream Trailers, Autocamp has breathed life into a camping experience that feels both nostalgic and cutting-edge. The silver, glossy trailers offer an adorable and, dare I say, oh-so-instagrammable backdrop for your glamping adventure. Founded in 2013, Autocamp has been steadily growing, opening new sites each year. They even cater to diverse preferences with tents and cabins in their offering.<h2>Ithaca by Firelight Camps, New York: Safari Style with Sustainability</h2>Located in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Firelight Camps transports you to a different time with their safari-style tents. As you step onto your private balcony, your eyes will be treated to breathtaking views. Especially if you visit during Fall, youll witness a vibrant explosion of autumn foliage. The best part? Firelight Camps are built with an eco-friendly ethos at their heart, ensuring that your enjoyment of nature doesnt leave a negative ecological footprint.<h2>Terra Glamping, California: Pacific Sunrise in Comfort</h2>Just off the Pacific Coast Highway, Terra Glamping invites you to live out your dream of waking up to a sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, all from the comfort of your very own safari-style tent. Despite the luxurious setting, Terra Glamping has chosen to keep the experience unplugged, allowing you to savor your natural surroundings without the interruptions of modern technology.<h2>Conestoga Ranch, Utah: A Taste of the Old West</h2>Conestoga Ranch in Utah offers a wholly unique experience: living in old-fashioned Conestoga wagons beside the so-called Caribbean of the Rockies, Bear Lake. This destination may not be as well-known as others on this list, but it offers a range of accommodations including covered wagon-style tents, allowing you to experience the Old West with a modern twist.<h2>Ventana Big Sur, California: Luxurious Nature in Big Sur</h2>Ventana Big Sur, nestled along the central coast of California, allows you to immerse yourself in one of the countrys most incredible landscapes. From the comfort of your safari tent, you can explore the wonders of the resort and take advantage of daily housekeeping, along with tea and coffee served each morning.<h2>Under Canvas Glacier, Montana: A Dream Vacation</h2>Under Canvas brings glamping to some of the most stunning natural destinations in the US, and their Glacier National Park location is certainly a favorite. The park is inspiring in its own right, but coupling that with the comfort of your private tent, this becomes a dream vacation. Choose between a quaint teepee-style tent or the lavish safari tent suite, complete with its own ensuite bathroom.<h2>Alpen Glow Luxury Camping, Alaska: Northern Lights and Luxury</h2>Who would have thought you could witness the ethereal Northern Lights from the US? At Alpen Glow Luxury Camping in Alaska, this becomes a reality. Settle into their spacious canvas tents with private porches - the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine and gaze at the night sky. With amenities like a cedar hot tub and fire pits, its an adventure well worth the journey.<h2>Fireside Resort, Wyoming: The Ultimate Glamping Experience</h2>For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers, Fireside Resort in Wyoming offers a glamping experience like no other. Their over-the-top safari tents require no setup and let you soak in the stunning natural beauty of Jackson Hole with comfort and ease.<h2>Under Canvas Grand Canyon, Arizona: Glamping Amidst Natural Treasures</h2>The Under Canvas outpost near the Grand Canyon enhances the already spectacular camping experience in this region. Alongside all the amenities youd expect from a luxury glamping spot, their stargazer tent, with a window in the ceiling, allows you to marvel at the gorgeous night sky.<h2>Sandy Pines Campground, Maine: Unique Glamping Extravaganza</h2>Tucked away in Kennebunkport, Maine is Sandy Pines Campground. Their unique Glamptent Village offers a variety of different safari-style tents, each boasting a distinct decor style crafted by a different designer. Whether you prefer rustic charm, mid-century modern elegance, or a historic safari-inspired look, Sandy Pines has something to suit your taste. This means you can visit multiple times and enjoy a new glamping experience with each stay.Are these glamping spots making your wanderlust stir? Its time to pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey into the luxurious side of nature. 06-01
<h2>The UKs Top 10 Fish and Chip Shops: A Delicious Journey</h2>Is there anything more quintessentially British than a proper fish and chips meal? This delicious comfort food is deeply ingrained in the UKs culinary culture. Weve dived into the data and come up with the crème de la crème of chippies across the United Kingdom. These spots are well-loved, popular, and have achieved recognition for their exceptional take on this traditional dish.<h2>10. Filed Fish Bar, South Port</h2>Nestled in the charming seaside town of South Port in the northwest of England, youll find the relatively recent addition to the fish and chips scene - Filed Fish Bar. Despite opening its doors in 2008, the co-owner, Banneko Zanyu, carries the legacy of a long line of fish and chippers, with their family recipe dating back to 1962. Honoured as a regional winner in the 2023 National Fish and Chip Awards (yes, those are real), Filed Fish Bar seamlessly marries a fresh, modern ambience with the classic warmth of traditional British comfort food.<h2>9. The Bay Fish and Chips, Stonehaven</h2>Venturing north, in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, we find The Bay. This chippy was proclaimed Britains finest by CNN Traveler in 2013 based on factors like sustainability and customer service. Their haddock and chips, sourced straight from the adjacent bay, accompanied by a side of deep-fried black pudding, is a culinary adventure you cant miss. Their homemade batter mix, available for takeaway, is a delightful bonus for home cooks.<h2>8. Harborside Fish and Chips, Plymouth</h2>Harborside Fish and Chips in Devon secured the third place in the 2023 National Fish and Chip Awards. With roots dating back to the 70s, Harborside has recently gained national attention due to its commitment to sustainability and the introduction of healthier options in their menu. Their offer of gluten-free fish and chips is a testament to their dedication to serving all customers.<h2>7. Millers Fish and Chips, Haxby</h2>Early in 2023, this gem in York was honoured as the UKs best fish and chip shop. Managed by a father-and-son duo, the family-run business Millers Fish and Chips has a rich history spanning over 75 years. Despite their prestigious title, they remain a well-kept secret, with their TripAdvisor page boasting fewer than 200 reviews - the vast majority being glowing testimonials. The best, it seems, is still to come for Millers.<h2>6. Burton Road Chippy, Lincoln</h2>Situated in Lincoln, in the English East Midlands, Burton Road Chippy has been a local legend for their incomparable fish and chips since winning the Best Fish and Chips award in 2015. Many enthusiasts recommend their haddock dish, and on the first Tuesday of every month, they serve a rare treat - gluten-free fish and chips.<h2>5. Golden Union Fish Bar, London</h2>In the heart of the nations capital, nestled in trendy Soho, lies the Golden Union Fish Bar. Despite opening only in 2008, it has won a dedicated fan base thanks to its delicious, sustainably sourced fish and chips. Their light and crisp beer batter ensures a meal thats satisfying without being too heavy. As Timeout magazine put it, chances are youll be planning your return visit before youve even paid the bill.<h2>4. Shae Fred, Bournemouth</h2>In the southern English seaside town of Bournemouth resides Shae Fred, a well-loved fish and chip shop since 1989. Living by their motto - traditional style, served with a smile - the shop offers full transparency on the origins of their ingredients, assuring customers about the sustainability of their meals. And remember, a trip to Shae Fred isnt complete without a side of their fan-favourite mushy peas.<h2>3. Poppys Fish and Chips, London</h2>With over 2,100 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.5 on TripAdvisor, Poppys Fish and Chips is a must-visit when youre in London. Named after its owner, Pat Pop Newland, who has been serving fish and chips since the 1950s, Poppys has multiple locations around the city. Each shop brings a taste of the 50s nostalgia, alongside what many locals and visitors alike hail as the best fish and chips in the city.<h2>2. Magpie Cafe, Whitby</h2>Be prepared for a wait at Magpie Cafe in Whitby - its not uncommon for lines to form even before the doors open for the day. Renowned celebrity chef Rick Stein praised it as the place that opened my eyes to how good a chip shop could be. The cafe boasts a range of fish options, from the standard cod and haddock to rarer selections like gurnard, pollock, and hake. Founded in 1937, in a building dating back to the 1700s, Magpie Cafe is an essential part of the Whitby experience.<h2>1. The Golden Chippy, London</h2>With over 1,100 reviews, maintaining a five-star rating on TripAdvisor is no easy feat, yet the Golden Chippy in London does just that. At one point, it was even ranked as the number one restaurant in all of London on the site. Despite its unassuming appearance and small interior, which seats only 12 customers, the Golden Chippy is renowned for its delicious, homemade dishes that deliver an unforgettable taste experience at a very affordable price. 05-31